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Lock in a low fixed rate for your mortgage

Deciding on the type of mortgage for your needs is never an easy task, especially as it is such a big commitment. Just the mere thought of those large monthly repayments is enough to scare anybody away. But what if you could control what you pay every month for a period of time that you set?

Well, that is precisely what you can do with a fixed rate mortgage.

At the Mortgage Advice Center we have access to the latest deals and offers, including the most current fixed rate mortgages around. We will assess your situation and give you options that we have searched out using our ‘whole of market’ ethos, which means that you will get an honest and unrestricted quote from all the possible lenders out there.

Even the best fixed rate mortgages have the disadvantage of constrained interest rates, but on the plus side, it means you won’t have to pay more on your monthly repayments if the interest rates go up!

Whatever you decide to do, the Mortgage Advice Center will guide you through your decision.