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Looking for Remortgage Advice?

Here at the Mortgage Advice Centre, we know that finding the right remortgage advice is key to finding the best deal. Whilst you might be tempted to stay with your current mortgage provider, it might be better for you to find a deal that will help save you money. We compare against your current lenders existing customer rates to see if it is worth re-mortgaging to another lender. And we’ll make sure you get the best rate – even if it’s a product switch with your current lender!.

We offer remortgage advice to ensure your remortgage journey is as smooth as possible.

When should I remortgage?

You should start looking at  re-mortgage options around 6 months before your existing deal is due to expire. Once your current deal expires then you are likely to move onto your lenders standard variable rate which could considerably  increase your mortgage payments.

Pre-planning and remortgaging early, means that you can get your mortgage offer in place and the conveyancing work done ready to change mortgage lenders when your current deal ends. This will avoid you having to go onto the Standard Variable lenders variable rate and ultimately save you money.

remortgage advice
remortgage advice

Why do I need to remortgage?

A re-mortgage is required so that you can move onto another competitive rate when your deal ends. People often remortgage to obtain a better interest rate, to reduce monthly payments or to release some of the cash from the rise in price of their property, or to extend or do home improvements. It is possible to remortgage so that you can consolidate your debts through the funds obtained, resulting in reducing your overall monthly payments, our advisers will discuss the considerations with you. 

When you re-mortgage you maybe able to do the following :

  • Release funds from the equity  property
  • Remove or add applicants on the mortgage
  • Pay a lump sum off the mortgage
  • Change the title of the property

We are Remortgage Specialists

We will talk you through the process so that you understand the sequence of events that enable you to remortgage your house. We search across the whole of the mortgage market to make sure you get the best deal for your requirements. You will have a dedicated contact that is easily contactable who will manage the whole process so you do not need to correspond with anyone else.

We make the process user friendly and are the polar opposite to a faceless call centre or a computer algorithm , we are real highly qualified, friendly people who are here to help you on the road to finding the right remortgage.

remortgage advice

Why shouldn’t I just stay with my current lender?

When we do our research we will compare against your current lenders existing customer rates to see if it is worth re-mortgaging to another lender. We will make sure you get the best rate and in a lot of instances we are able to do product switches with your current lender if required.

Remortgage Penalties

When remortgaging you should be aware of any penalties that are in the mortgage contract if you are to change lender. These are often present when you are on a fixed rate. After the fixed rate has finished and penalties have ceased you can look to remortgage without a penalty. Before you remortgage you should be aware of the amount that you are remortgaging for, your mortgage adviser will inform you if you qualify for the amount which you want to borrow. Your adviser will inform you of the savings that you will make and what benefits there are if you choose to remortgage with another lender. It is always advisable to review your mortgage so that you are not missing out on any possible savings.

remortgage advice


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