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life and critical illness insurance

Life and Critical Illness Insurance for a Brighter Future.

Life is a wonderful journey, but it can also be filled with uncertainties. That’s why embracing the power of life and critical illness insurance goes beyond mere financial protection – it’s about safeguarding the dreams, hopes, and well-being of the ones we cherish most. Life insurance ensures our loved ones are shielded from financial hardship should the unexpected happen. Meanwhile, critical illness insurance acts as a compassionate ally, offering support when facing life’s toughest battles. With these two powerful companions by your side, you can navigate life’s twists and turns with confidence, knowing that your family’s future and your own peace of mind are secure.

Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is like a safety net for the people you care about most. It’s a way to ensure that your loved ones are financially protected if something unexpected were to happen to you. With life insurance, you make regular payments, and in return, the insurance company promises to provide a lump sum of money, known as the death benefit, to your chosen beneficiaries when you pass away. This money can help cover immediate expenses like funeral costs, outstanding debts, and everyday living expenses, giving your family some much-needed breathing room during a difficult time. Life insurance is all about providing that extra layer of security and taking care of the ones you leave behind.

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Life & Critical Illness insurance

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Imagine facing a medical battle with the peace of mind that your finances are protected. Critical illness insurance does just that. When you receive a diagnosis of a covered illness, such as cancer, heart disease, or stroke, this insurance provides a lump sum payment that can be used however you need it. Whether it’s covering medical expenses, seeking specialised treatments, making necessary home modifications, or even taking time off work to focus on your recovery, critical illness insurance offers a financial lifeline during a difficult time. It’s like having a compassionate ally by your side, helping you face the challenges of your health journey with greater strength and fewer worries.

How much does Income Protection Cost?

The cost of life insurance and critical illness cover can vary based on several factors, including your age, health, coverage amount, policy duration, and any additional features you choose to include. Generally, the premium for life insurance is determined by factors such as your age, gender, smoking status, and overall health. Critical illness cover premiums are influenced by similar factors, including your age and health, as well as the coverage amount and the specific illnesses covered by the policy.

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Life & Critical Illness Insurance


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