Buy To Let Mortgages UK
Buy To Let

Buy To Let Mortgages UK

Buy To Let mortgages have increased in popularity over the last 3 years with according to the council of mortgage lenders.

A lot of landlords have increased their portfolios. With high volatility and uncertainty in the stock markets, increasingly investors have looked at bricks and mortar as a secure long term, tangible investment. A properties value can always decrease as well as rise however there has been a high demand for rental properties as people struggle to obtain mortgages.

This has resulted in an increase in rent which is attractive to landlords. Also quite a few bargains can be found in the housing market at the moment as properties struggle to sell. There are also tax advantages for landlords and also new legislation to make it easier to remove problem tenants make it more attractive.

More buy to let mortgages UK lenders are entering the market as they see the increase in business in the sector.This has made it more competitive.





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