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Do a credit check yourself before getting advice

When being assessed for a mortgage by a mortgage lender, one of the factors they will take into account is what credit rating you have. Different lenders will put varying weightings  on your credit check result. For example a lot of the main banks and online deals will use an automatic credit check system which will spit out a result at the other end, this result in a “computer says no attitude” which is often frustrating when a common sense attitude does not prevail. There are however lenders that will assess the case manually and have the ability to use a bit of human judgement.

Credit check yourself

If you do not know what your credit score is like then credit check yourself!  If you google  “credit report”  there are options where you can be assessed for free. Then your broker will have a good understanding of your history and will be able to more accurately determine the amount that you can borrow and what lenders to use. It is also helpful to check your report even if you are not applying for credit because there maybe ways of improving your credit so that when the time comes when you need to lend money you can be assured that your credit is good.


Finally if you do a credit check yourself it doesn’t leave a footprint on your credit file, however if you do a check through a bank it will.

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