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Couple Getting UK Mortgage Advice
Couple Getting UK Mortgage Advice

Buying a home is a big commitment and one of the biggest decisions you can make. Getting unbiased, independent mortgage advice uk is one of the best decisions you can make. There are a variety of mortgage types available including repayment, interest only, self employed, tracker, fixed rate mortgages and more. There are also a plethora of add-ons to sort through such as early repayment charges, discounted rates, mortgage protection and more.

Mortgaging and remortgaging in today’s turbulent market can be complicated. Interest rates are at an all time low but are always at risk of rising which directly affects how much banks are willing to lend. The current economic climate has given the media a field day, some days house prices are up and some days they are down, which also affects UK mortgage rates and how much banks are willing to lend.

At the Mortgage Advice Center, we understand all of these market issues and can provide you with informed uk mortgage advice. With many years of experience arranging mortgages, we can advise you on a mortgage type to suit your circumstances.


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