Forget Those UK Mortgages Comparison Sites

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Forget Mortgages Comparison Sites...Get Real Advice
Forget Mortgages Comparison Sites…Get Real Advice

That’s right, with the Mortgage Advice Center you can stop wasting your valuable time searching countless mortgages comparison sites and getting the same old answers.

The Mortgage Advice Center will provide you with completely personalised independent advice quickly and under no obligation.

One of the main advantages the Mortgage Advice Center has over mortgages comparison sites is that we provide a service tailored specifically to you. Our experienced Independent Financial Advisors will search out the mortgages that suit you and your needs. It doesn’t matter what your financial history is, we can help you.

Whether you have credit problems, are a first time buyer, wish to remortgage an existing property, need to consolidate debt, want to buy to let, learn about fixing your mortgage rate… whatever your situation, we can help.

We work on a ‘whole of market’ basis, which, as the name suggests, means we check out all the options available across the whole mortgage market – and not from a limited range of products that many lenders, such as banks, are restricted to. Simply provide us with the mortgage amount you have in mind and a little background information and we will do the rest.

At the Mortgage Advice Center we know it’s not easy to get the right mortgage at the right price, and it’s our personal approach that separates us from mortgages comparison sites. We will guide you from the very beginning of the process, helping you right the way through to completion. And once we have found the right mortgage deal for you, we will help you through the next stage of finalising and ultimately managing your mortgage.